Earn 'n Learn, Reach 'n Teach


For People Empowerment and Job Creation

Earn 'n Learn 101 The Spirit of Entrepreneurship
Manuals & all materials supplied

Book 1

  • What is Entrepeneurship?
  • More about yourself
  • How to letgo of old ideas & open up to new possibilities
  • How to change negative belief systems in your body & replace fears with a new understanding of your potential (WTP work)
  • Learn some De Bono creative thinking skills
  • What the spirit of entrepeneurship is & how you can use it in work, home & school
  • Drawing a Mandala shape gives new insights into ourselves
  • How assertive you are & how easily you can take risks
  • How easy it is to be creative: Making an item to sell!

Book 2

  • Goal-setting - focus on where you want to be & when
  • More WTP work to unlock your potential & reduce fears
  • More De Bono thinking skills
  • Try drawing upside down!
  • Time-management
  • Finding out more about your personality by looking at animals!
  • Use WTP to hold a future perspective of yourself
  • An overview of business types & ideas for small businesses
  • Learn how to make an ethnic greeting card to sell or use - it's so easy to be creative!

Book 3

  • Marketing - look at promotional ideas
  • Bookkeeping - easy income statements
  • More WTP work to unlock potential & reduce fears
  • Market research
  • Learn how to use the De Bono 6 Hats technique for solving problems
  • We set up a card business:
  • Creative brainstorming
  • Drawing / designing a logo
  • Name for the business
  • How do we market it - product, price, premises, promotion
  • Design an advertisement
  • Packaging
  • Costing
  • Basic business plan
  • Start-up capital
  • Practise using income statements

Earn 'n Learn 102 Productivity
Book 4 & 5 - Manuals & all materials supplied

Running a Greeting Card Business for 6 months

  • Learn team-work & productivity by starting up a greeting card busisness
  • How to run a production line
  • Working out what inputs you need for your business
  • Appointing directors
  • Learning how to cost items for manufacture
  • Making decisions based on costs
  • Learning how to complete manufacturing accounts
  • Determining your gross profit & net profit
  • Completing easy income statements
  • More WTP work to empower you
  • Paying taxes
  • Deducting overheads
  • Using your financing well
  • Running management meetings
  • Outputs & break-even point
  • Creating sales/costs graphs to assess your business
  • Dealing with fluctuating markets
  • Improving processes in production
  • Future planning based on previous month's profits
  • What sort of people make a good team?
  • Your own business plan (At last!)
Earn 'n Learn 103 (Photocopiable masters supplied)

Managing & Running your New Business

  • Practising more lateral thinking skills
  • Accessing your own creativity
  • A deeper understanding of yourself & entrepeneurship
  • More life skills & WTP work to clear fears
  • Making samples of ideas which sell
  • Research in shops, supermarkets & with informal traders
  • Understanding marketing more fully
  • Beginning accounting
  • Income statements
  • Manufacturing statements
  • Stock control
  • Structuring your company
  • How to create fool-proof systems in your business
  • Design a cart for your business
  • Costing exercises
  • Turning your business into a franchise