Earn 'n Learn, Reach 'n Teach


For People Empowerment and Job Creation

The Earn 'n Learn Entrepeneurship course and workshops for people empowerment & job creation.  Teaching WTP and creative thinking skills.  Franchise opportunities available.

The business is one of training in Entrepreneurship/empowerment - this programme is unique in that it uses cutting edge empowerment techniques to clear fear from the body & engender confidence in oneself. We are going through a paradigm shift & this enables an accelerated mind-shift from victim mentality to victor mentality.

Added to this are business skills, lateral thinking skills & creative exercises to stimulate right-brain activity & intuition.

Accredited with SAQA are 8 Programmes:
  1. Basic Entrepreneurship (ages 13 yrs - adult)
  2. Advanced Entrepreneurship
  3. Islamic Entrepreneurship
  4. Primary school Entrepreneurship
  5. Agricultural Entrepreneurship (ABET)
  6. Hotel & Catering Entrepreneurship
  7. Travel & Tourism Entrepreneurship
  8. Teacher Training (for EMS in schools, Grades R-9)
Courses 1 - 7 are 30 hours or 5 full days. A school programme consists of all the materials for the classroom (& teacher) for one year (all Outcomes for that grade are covered).


We train you fully & mentor you throughout. All manuals & other materials are ordered from Head Office; all you have to do is sell the programme & train trainees. We provide everything else!

There are 2 ways to sell this programme - for individuals (5 day course) or for an institution/school (1 year's course) - you train the teacher (for packages of over 50 trainees).

  • The agencies are sold per area in a province and are called Earn 'n Learn agencies.
  • Franchiseworld sells and manages the franchises and provides the business mentorship.
  • Earn 'n Learn provides the product training, mentorship and all materials.

The business is constantly evolving and producing new materials. In 2005, 350 teachers, from Grades R-9, were trained nationally in teaching EMS in the classroom.